Brazil is all about feeling the warmth; of its people, its weather, sunbathing in a powder-white sand, sipping coconut water and watching beautiful people at the beach

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And while you are stuck in your cubicle enjoying the Polar Vortex, Instagram can take you around the world in a few posts. Social media can make you dream of the day that you can get out of the office; but maybe it’s time to update your profile with envy-worthy pictures of an exotic place and never look back.

It's always nice to remember good times and share your happiness with your loved ones. And there is no better way to remember good times than a reasonably liked Instagram-worthy picture. And if that picture is set at a place that everyone wishes to go to, not only you made your dreams come true, but you are helping millions of people to travel with you.

Think dunes, waterfalls, crystal-clear waters or even the most beautiful and colorful houses you can think of: Brazil got you covered with that setting. Take a look at these ten very instagrammable places, and get inspired for your next adventures.


Remember that scene from Snoop Dog’s video “Beautiful” with Pharell Williams sitting on bright colored steps? It’s here. There are roughly 112 thousand pictures with this geolocation right at this moment. The Selaron Steps is located between the neighborhoods of Lapa and Santa Teresa (think bohemian chic places and Brazilian laid back pics) and it was a gift by Chilean-born artist Jorge Selaron to celebrate the Brazilian people, which means that taking a picture here is not only pretty but also celebrates the Brazilian culture. Also, it does not hurt that you can take those shots even further by striking some poses in Rio de Janeiro’s beaches, Christ the Redeemer and some gorgeous sunsets!


If you are in Rio you might as well impress people with your intellectual side. The Royal Portuguese Reading Room is a library and cultural institution right in the middle of what used to be Brazil's capital. With an exuberant gothic-renascence style, the library was voted 4th most beautiful library by Time Magazine. Boasting more than 400 thousand books, the picture worthy moment is capturing all those colorful book-spines, the lighting of the building and its fascinating architecture. Sure, you can get in the picture too.


You have probably seen know the works of Brazilian artist Kobra in SOHO: The colorful graffiti portraits that everyone loves to photograph. MAUP, the Urban Art Museum of the Port is a recently inaugurated open-air museum in Rio that showcases more than 50 graffiti and panels throughout three neighborhoods. And if you think you will only find Brazilian artists, think again. The project includes works by artists from all around the world like Brusk and Pantonio, Leon Keer and many others. There are two different tours at the moment leaving from the Museum location - which is picture worthy on its own as a mix between modern and traditional architecture with urban art. There are over 50 different works of art, and this means an entire series of pictures for the months to come.


Sand-dunes as far as your eyes can see, golden rays of light bathing you and a breeze just cool enough for you not to break a sweat: a picture perfect moment. Enjoy the purest of nature in long stretches of sandy dunes with perfect located warm lagoons for you to refresh yourself and update your feed. If leisure-y pics is not your thing, try some sand boarding, ATV exploring or sand hiking with friends and show your wild side. And if you have all it takes, a monoplane ride is the ultimate angle for great pictures and probably the most rad thing you’ve done in a long time, likes will be flying your way! e


Jalapão is a national park in the middle of Tocantins state, full of relaxing and adventurous activities. Diving in a crystal-clear water, rafting in busy rivers or just floating and enjoying all the fauna and flora surrounding you. Between waterfalls, plateaus and rivers, a warm ‘jacuzzi' type of natural pool are ready not only get you stress-free but also makes the best shot possible. It’s natural beauty to its finest, no need for filters or retouches. Another great posing moment is to enjoy the dunes, reaching up to 40 meters. Its impressive scenery and something you want to remember. Between the bright yellow dunes, emerald green water, and ‘golden grass' plantations, those are natural colored filters for your best pics!


Imagine enjoying a white sandy beach with crystal clear water at a paradisiac island. Now imagine 21 islands composing the perfect spot for a vacation: this is Fernando de Noronha. The archipelago is named after its most famous island, which is a marine park and ecological sanctuary, boasting of a preserved fisherman's village, beautiful undeveloped beaches but wait, five-star hotels and bed and breakfast options. You can squeeze yourself in a picture between swimming with stingrays or sea turtle spawning and enjoy the utmost natural luxury that Brazil can offer.


Here's an entire city of picture-perfect scenes. Salvador was where Brazil was first uncovered, home to the most relaxed and welcoming people of all Brazil, this city lives by the rhythm of “Axé”, cheerful and great vibrations only. The baroque architecture takes over the city with rainbow colored houses, impressive churches and an entire neighborhood on top of a hill full of history, music and art, Pelourinho. Salvador is not only a great city but also a beach city, where you can enjoy the warm water during the day and enjoy a great nightlife with drinks and music after sunset. Remember that famous Michael Jackson “They Don’t Care About Us” video clip? Well, it’s here. Carnaval parade? Also here. Also, this is the place of exquisite food and therefore beautiful pics! There are just way too many picture-perfect opportunities.


In the center of Bahia state lies a national park that will offer you the best of sustainable tourism - is there a word trending more than sustainability? With the second-highest waterfall in Brazil, the park is filled with deep-blue-water rivers, valley trails, and mountain views. The massive size of this land is more prominent than some European cities, and either on top of a plateau with the valley view or inside a cave in a diving tour you will live through unique moments and great opportunities to snap that perfect picture! Just keep in mind that while cave exploring the call signal is next to none, so you will have to save it, enjoy it and then post it!


Bonito translates to Beautiful, and there is not a better word to describe this place. Accidentally discovered by a farmer in the 70s, it quickly became a hidden gem for those who love nature and enjoy adventures. The town is known for its ecotourism and is surrounded by caves and waterfalls, the most famous being a stalactite-covered cave that can take you abseiling and then deep diving in its underground lake! The dense nature makes it perfect for tree climbing and snapping that pictures in a birds-eye view and the lagoons are real live aquariums, snorkeling and diving are a pre-requisite for experiencing this place - and also a nice angle to show that aquatic wildlife.


Trancoso is a rustic historic fisherman's village known for its laid-back, charming and chic vibes. Surrounded by cliffs and coconut groves, the beaches are crystal-green water and offer beach stalls with everything you need to feel spoiled: fresh cold coconut water and caipirinhas, chaise lounge and hammocks perfect for that typically relaxed legs pose with the ideal background. The city center is as charming as the beach. It’s called ‘Quadrado’ as in Square, with simple-chic colorful houses filled with local crafts, exquisite restaurants, and very fancy clothing boutiques.